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just started using them , and so far I’ve made 6 bucks – in only a couple of days of doing the offers in free moments.

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“Earn Extra Cash, Get Paid To Try New Offers” is the slogan.

They pay their users to complete simple surveys ,offers, to shop, interact, obtain referrals, and even to play games.
You can earn points and cash. Points can be redeemed for prizes and gift cards.

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CashCrate is different to any other Survey, or similar, site that you will encounter. It's easy to earn with CashCrate - and it's easy to earn big amounts of money. Get Paid To Do Free Offers!

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Cash Crate is an excellent service which allows random people like you and I to make money online through the paid survey program. What this means is that you do the menial task of completing survey and in exchange for your personal information you will be compensated monetarily by the Cash Crate company. It is easy to do as they have a very easy to use interface and an F.A.Q. which explains everything there is to know in much more detail than you’ll ever need.
Get Paid To Do Free Offers!But basically you just give their advertisers some information about yourself like your name, address, email and phone number and once you’re done they will give you money for it. Most of the offers will be around $1-$2 and they probably take like 4-5 minutes of work. As you can see this can be a very profitable side hobby that will result in lots of extra cash.

Get Paid To Do Free Offers!
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